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About Us

The Flagstaff Field Institute functions as the center of wilderness medicine education in Arizona and the Four Corners region of the Colorado Plateau. In partnership with NOLS Wilderness Medicine, the Flagstaff Field Institute offers the finest in wilderness medicine education.? NOLS Wilderness Medicine is accredited by CAPCE, and NOLS Wilderness Medicine?certifications are recognized throughout the world.


Why should I take a course with NOLS Wilderness Medicine?
NOLS Wilderness Medicine is the international leader in wilderness medicine education. The dynamic curriculum is accurate, practical and empowering. NOLS Wilderness Medicine’s seasoned instructors facilitate an active, fun, and engaging educational experience that provides students with the skills and confidence to manage emergencies in the backcountry. NOLS Wilderness Medicine is fully accredited, and NOLS Wilderness Medicine certifications are recognized throughout the world.
What should I expect?
Courses combine focused and entertaining lectures, skills practice, and realistic scenarios. The classroom setting is comfortable and informal. Scenarios are realistic and challenging to ensure that students are comfortable and confident with their new skills
What should I bring to class?
Courses include classroom presentations as well as plenty of time outside practicing your new skills. It’s essential that you wear adequate clothing and footwear to be outside even if the weather is cold, wet, snowy, hot, etc. You should also bring a large daypack with plenty of extra clothing, a water bottle, waterproof jacket and pants, sturdy waterproof boots, headlamp or flashlight (for WFR and WUMP night rescues), and a watch with a second hand. Also, be sure to bring a pen or pencil for taking notes in class and a reusable mug for coffee and tea.